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Travel Grants

A generous donation from the German Ministry of Education and Research towards financially assisting participants in need to attend the Global Summit 2016 in Berlin both recognized the significance of the event for ethics and global health, and made broader participation of National Ethics Councils possible.

Eligibility Criteria for Funding a Participant:

Only one representative per country was eligible for funding towards the cost of travel and accommodation. The Global Summit Steering Committee made recommendations to the German Organizing Committee, Deutscher Ethikrat, based on the following criteria:

  1. National of a low- or middle-income country according to World Bank classification (mandatory).
  2. Chair or member of a current national ethics committee or bioethics commission.
  3. One-page written expression of interest which includes a statement of why the grant is needed, their own role in the area of bioethics, what attending the Summit will hopefully do to enhance the NEC work, and which use will be made of the experience in the future.
  4. If previous funding was provided, how did that funding contribute towards the work and/-or functioning of the committee? Concrete examples should be provided.
  5. Attempts to find co-funding.
  6. Contribution to the Summit marketplace by a poster or other presentation.
  7. Consideration of distribution between regions.

Deadline for application was 15 December 2015.


Issued Travel Grants

In accordance to the above mentioned criteria a list of 24 applications for financial support was reviewed by the Steering Committee. Ultimately 18 travel grants were issued to persons of the following countries:  Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Gambia, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan.